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Namaste all! Jiggy Gaton here on the outer fringes of just about everything, welcoming you to yet another blog - just what the world needs eh? But this one is special - ha! - as it is a one-stop shop where I've wrangled all my articles together from here and there across the internet and posted them all in one place...

Articles published in the Republica (Nepal's premier English-reading newspaper) and in ECS Living (the ostentatious coffee table magazine) are all sorted into two categories: technology and opinion. I am also a contributor to, which is a place where video and audio professionals gather to share and glare; so my tutorials from that website are posted on this blog as well. Then there is the artistic side of Jiggy that rears it's ugly head at least a few times a day, so artwork included in my articles is also here.

So enjoy!

Live long and prosper,
Jiggy Gaton

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