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As a "Cow Leader" on,  I've posted several tutorials (in both video and text format) there,  along with other goodies that may help you out of a particular jam - or perhaps even help you learn something new. Here are the links to those reviews and tutorials on

Review: Quicktracks: Low-Cost Scoring at the Speed of Sound: The COW's man in Nepal, Jiggy Gaton, investigates SmartSound's Quicktracks while away from the studio, in Monsoon conditions, and finds it no longer necessary to have 100gb of music in tow. With Quicktracks, one can create scores and tailor tracks without leaving the comfort of the cloud. Read all about it here in this exclusive COW review.

Tutorial: Dialogue Fixin' using Soundtrack: This Soundtrack Pro video tutorial covers two useful techniques for fixing dialogue used in documentaries or other productions. 1) Time stretching for dialogue will fit a bit of dialogue as needed within a scene, and 2) Matching voice levels between two or more dialogue clips will make one clip sound more like another. Both tasks are easy to do for anyone working within Final Cut Studio, and this tutorial will walk you through the two procedures.

Tutorial: Poser & Vue Integration Within C4D: One of the wonders of the C4D platform is it's inter-connectivity with other sources of 3D models. Let's be honest, who has time to handcraft thousands of blades of grass or populate the night sky one star at a time? But using the content available in Poser and the generators found in Vue, it takes just a little longer then this 5 1/2 minute tutorial to put that content into C4D for integrated scenes and robust animations.

 Tutorial: Using Adobe Kuler in Your Favorite Apps: Let's face it, not all of us are good at picking contrasting colors, or colors that don't clash, and colors that are not downright ugly mugly. So that's where Kuler comes in, allowing you to, say, based on your corporate logo, a photograph, or a single frame of your movie, provide you with a set of color choices (often called swatches) that can then be applied throughout the project creation process - and across all the applications that you use.

Software Review: Mac Subtitling Software Round-up: The COW's man in Nepal, Jiggy Gaton, gets asked all the time about subtitling DVDs -- and cringes every time: editing software suites just don't have that much to offer. However, Mac DVD authors have some standalone alternatives worth considering.

Tutorial: Get Your FCP Timelines in Motion with Final Cut Studio:
Having both FCP and Motion in Final Cut Studio means more options for effects creation with your video projects -- and FCS integration makes it easy to work with them together. Having Motion projects sitting on your FCP timeline even helps keep your projects organized!

Tutorial: Make Your FCP Timelines Sing By Roundtripping to Soundtrack Pro: The COW's Jiggy Gaton owns an audio studio -- but has created a tutorial for those of us who don’t have an audio studio within earshot when editing video in Final Cut Pro. Is it being lazy, or is it being efficient, to use an integrated Soundtrack Pro project inside FCP? Either way, read on to learn how. 

Software Review: SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5: Low-cost Scores at The Speed of Sound: The COW's man in Nepal, Jiggy Gaton, has found a balance between easy, automated music production, and high-quality results with SmartSound SonicFire Pro 5. He has also been impressed with how easy it is to create variations of his custom scores, and has come up with some unexpected workflow innovations.  

Software Review: Final Cut Studio 3 is here, and all is good!
Our man in Nepal, Jiggy Gaton, likes to live for danger. He installed a major software upgrade mid-project, with virtually no preparation, just to see what would break. Lo and behold, it all worked! And the more Jiggy works with it, the better he's liking it. Join him in this Creative COW, Real-world, Real-time Report on Final Cut Studio 3.

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