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Whenever I submit an article to a publisher these days, I always include a visual or two - or three - or more! It's just something that I got into the habit of doing as a tech writer @ IBM many moons ago - illustrating my own work! It was so hard to find a decent graphic artist back in those olden days, when PCs were the size of small tanks, that I had to do it myself or it just never got done (right). So below are galleries filled with most of my published art...enjoy!

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Note: you can republish any art you see here for another purpose - just contact me first. 

From "Remembering America"

The Lost Art of Herojig...
I am really impressed with Herojig's cartoons. He has rare insight into modern Nepali mores and sees things we Nepalis don't usually see. GopaL
Since you haven't discontinued the Herojig cartoon in your paper, I have wondered whether something is wrong with me because I never "got" them. But recently I met several of my friends who don't understand it either. Herojig's so-called humour seems to be too obscure for even the sophisticated readers of Nepali Times. Seema Khatri
I can't quite figure out which part of your paper makes me more depressed: the two resident lunatics Herojig and Kunda Dixit or the ruler featured in the rest of the paper including the front page. Anyway, the fact that you can still make us laugh gives me hope. Gina Rai
From 2003 to 2006, The Nepali Times (an English weekly based in Kathmandu) published my cartoon series  "The Adventures of Herojig." The cartoons appeared in print, as well on the Times website. But sometime during 2007,  that website was revamped and all the links to the strips were lost.

I am also lapse regarding my artwork, and my local copies of the strips (scanned drawings, newspaper clippings, bits of napkin, etc.) were also scattered to the wind following the Big Hard Drive Crash of '07.  The result? Most of the art of Herojig has gone the way of the cave painting. 

Below is a bit of what's left behind on the virtual cavern walls - more to come as soon as I can recover the actual strips...

The Herojig Family

World Cup 2004
Heroni and King Kong
The Space Monkey To Mars Program
The Fantastic


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