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Not new to the Chinese gaming community, but new to Nepal, comes the SMC CyWee PC Game Controller. Looking much like a small hairdryer, this unique device can be twisted into 4 modes: Sports, Gun, Racing, and Action.

The modes correspond to almost any “Z” game you can load on your computer, for example Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Pacific Heroes, Need for Speed, and X-Men Origins Wolverine all work under the corresponding modes.

What makes this game machine “revolutionary” is that it does not require a separate console, but gives the family a Wii-like gaming experience without trying to find an actual Wii console with Wii games (difficult in Nepal).

The SMC CyWee comes with software (works in XP/Vista/Windows7) that looks for supported games on your computer and sets everything up, so that when, say, it’s time to shoot a bad guy, you just point the CyWee at your computer and fire away.

Playing golf and tennis has never been so easy, as you don’t even have to find a caddie or tune your racket - its just a matter of plugging the USB dongle into your PC, and then grabbing and swinging this hairdryer-looking gizmo around, depending on the game selected.

For those that want to know what’s under the pleasant-to-hold plastic casing, there is a two-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer that react to all of your body motions. This device also works as a 3-D mouse, if you ever need one.

If you haven’t seen one at play in Nepal, you can head on over to Logix Computer on Putalisadak to play around. Shop Owner Sandeep Agrawal tells me that you don’t see many CyWees in the wild because the marketing in Nepal is off.

These kinds of things normally don’t sell well in a computer shop – they need to be placed in a gaming shop -- Sandeep Agrawal, owner/operator of Logix Computer Nepal

So I’m left wondering, where in Kathmandu can you find a gaming shop?

What to get: SMC CyWee PC Game Controller (SMCWBR11S-3GN) for Rs.12,000

Where to get: Logix Computer, Putalisadak, Opp Kumari Bank, Kathmandu Ph: 4424327/4439793

Note: Z-compatible PC Games can be found at any open air market table around town.


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