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There are so many apps for your Android or iPhone these days, it’s hard to choose what to download and what to forget about, but as a road warrior armed with a new smartphone, Firefox Home / Mobile is one app you don’t want to leave home without.

Firefox Home for your iPhone and Firefox Mobile for your android phone are both brought to you from the makers of the #2 browser on the planet: Firefox. Both apps are free and simple to use.

As a Firefox user, you probably have hundreds (if not more) stored bookmarks that make your life just a bit easier to remember, and perhaps you have the same tabs open everyday, waiting to do whatever it is that you do on the web. For me, its all the local Nepali English papers along with the NYT, which I read constantly while working on my laptop or desktop.

But when it came to being out on the road alone with my phone, I found myself all thumbs with my iPhone’s virtually impossible-to-use keyboard, and stumbling just to type even my own web address, let alone the ½ dozen others that I can’t live without. That nonsense all stopped as soon as Mozilla released Firefox Home, and SHAZAM, all the bumbling ceased.

Firefox Home/Mobile automatically syncs your stored bookmarks, open tabs, and website userids/password combos between your home or office computers, with your smartphone. Opening this app and clicking on a synchronized bookmark immediately takes you to the web page in question, no fuss, no muss - and no typing!

No longer do you need to waste precious seconds on your NCELL or NTC data plan trying to figure out if it’s kantipur or or the_kathmandu_post or the-kathmandu-post; just let Firefox Home or Mobile figure that out for ya.

What and Where to Get:

Firefox Home app for all iPhones :
Firefox Mobile app for all Android Phones:


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